Follow up to the post about the recent Supreme Court decisions

The other day I wrote about two decisions from the Supreme Court’s most recent term. Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the law school at University of California Irvine and one of the country’s preeminent constitutional law scholars published a great piece in today’s New York Times.

Professor Chemerinsky surveys the decisions of the Roberts court and shows how the court has been working for big business at the expense of consumers, workers, and small businesses. Decisions like Vance, Nassar, Italian Colors Restaurant, and Bartlett continue the big corporations’ winning streak under Chief Justice John Roberts.

Chemerinsky’s second to last paragraph is the most important. He writes “These cases evince a disquieting theme about the conservative majority of the Roberts court. It obviously believes, and sometimes expressly says, that there is a need to protect big business from litigation. But in discrimination, product liability and arbitration, it has left injured employees, consumers and small businesses without recourse.”

Hopefully Congress will change the statutes in order to reverse these decisions. Unfortunately, with the current gridlock in Washington that seems unlikely.

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